Why a Slobber diet?

Updated: Mar 30

Over the past decade or so, the majority of us have become aware of the role food plays on our overall health. We’ve started swapping convenience food for fresh vegetables and lean proteins, giving our body a balanced, healthy diet. But while we’ve changed our approach, that hasn’t translated to our dogs’ diets, and they’ve been forced to eat from the same mystery bags for years.

We started our journey with home-cooked meals for our dogs years ago. As entrepreneurs in the food industry, we have a good understanding of all the benefits of high-quality ingredients versus processed foods. Most commercial pet food brands are so highly processed that the nutritional value is lost by the time it hits your dog’s bowl.

Your dog’s system wasn’t designed to consume the bulk of ingredients and additives found in commercial foods

While dogs can survive on traditional dry kibble or canned dog foods (much like we can probably survive on a lifetime of fast food), dogs experience vast health benefits when they eat human-grade foods. Which is why we created Slobber: to share our experience with you.

Here are some improvements you can expect from a Slobber diet:

1. No more guessing what’s in the bowl

Gone are the days of brown balls coated in a mysterious gravy that looks as bad as it smells. Protein sources in dry foods are much lower in nutritional value than unaltered human-grade meats because most commercial dog foods are laden with hidden ingredients and additives that have been known to cause health issues.

2. Stronger and healthier

We’ve seen massive improvements in our dogs in terms of strengthened immunity and increased vitality. A good example is our senior, Diesel, who shows an improved range of motion and playfulness (and he’s 11). The protein and natural antioxidants found in high-quality, fresh food help fight ailments and illness. Commercial dry foods are cooked at such high temperatures that it destroys most of the natural nutrients in any individual ingredient used and, therefore, cannot provide regenerative properties.

3. Improved digestive system

Your dog’s system wasn’t designed to consume the bulk of ingredients and additives found in commercial foods. They end up turning your garden into a wasteland of big, smelly poos. Slobber is digested properly, nutrients are absorbed directly, and your time spent in the garden with the pooper-scooper is cut in half.

4. Less itchy and scratchy time

Rashes, dry coats, itching and scratching… Sound familiar? Many skin problems can be caused by the fillers in processed foods. Slobber provides essential fatty acids that will improve skin and hydrate coats, leaving your dog so soft you’ll want to cuddle in bed all day.

5. Longer lifespan

Think about it: A human diet consisting of processed foods will leave you sluggish, overweight, and at risk of a host of health issues. Same goes for your dog. Fresh food will assist in a healthy body weight, which have been linked to a 20% longer lifespan. More time with your best friend.

Our conclusion?

Most commercial dog food is altered with additives meant for convenience of manufacturing, i.e. longer shelf life. Slobber, on the other hand, is home-cooked food containing no additives or preservatives, meaning a healthier, happier dog. So, why not give it a go?

Till next time.

The Slobber team

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